Datenshi Erii 堕天使エリー “Fallen Angel Erii” Mano Erina [ mano erina || index ]

Lyrics: Miura Yoshiko 作詞:三浦徳子
Composition: Taisei 作曲:泰誠
Arrangement: Taisei 編曲:泰誠

More Friends Regular Edition More Friends (Limited Edition A)
Postscript: Romanization by Em-El, translation by eri.
Note: The dialogue parts are not complete yet!
いつまでも どこまでも 消えないの
あなたから わたしから この街から
この胸に その胸に 残り香がある
目を閉じて 触れたいの 堕天使 エリー

どこにいたの?と 訊かないで
何をしてた?と 言わないで よね。

深い理由など ありゃしない
別にどうって ことはない、、、

天国の地獄 この目で 見たかっただけよ
Itsumade mo dokomade mo kienai no
Anata kara watashi kara kono machi kara
Kono mune ni sono mune ni nokoriga ga aru
Me wo tojite fureretai no datenshi erii

Doko ni ita no? to kikanaide
Nani wo shiteta? to iwanaide yo ne.

Fukai wake nado aryashinai
Betsu ni dou tte koto wa nai...

Tengoku no jigoku kono me de mitakatta dake yo 
No matter when, no matter where, she'll never disappear
From you, from me, from this town
Inside this heart, that heart, she leaves a lingering scent
I want to close my eyes and feel her - fallen angel Erii
Master, give me a gimlet that suits this night. This town's full of stuck up, boring guys. What am I? I'm a traveler...a traveler for eternity. I appear in towns wherever the wind tosses me. (something). My name? Don't ask such low class things. I forgot it long ago. If you want a name, well people call me Eri. That's right, Fallen Angel Eri. Oh? You wanna fight? It doesn't matter. (something). Your hands trembling, boy. etc etc etc
Where were you? Don't ask
What were you doing? Don't say this. Isn't that right?

A deep reason and such just doesn't exist
Nor is it meaningless...

With these eyes I just saw the Hell of the Heavens